Holdem Bot advice


My name is Filip. I am a professional poker player and the creator of the software Holdem Bot (Holdem-Bot.com). I’ve got some tips for you on Holdem Bot.

Always be around when you use Holdem Bot, make sure to pick tables with fishy players, i.e. passive players that calls plenty. If you need help you can use a software like HoldemSpy.com to find the ‘loose-passive’ players.

The new Semi Auto Mode in Holdem Bot is a very nice option for you who still prefer to play poker yourself. I personally cannot be without this feature anymore, because if you’re a tight player you fold a lot, which can be really boring in the long run. This feature works in both No-limit and Fixed-limit. Holdem Bot plays a sound once you’ve got a decent hand, and then you may play this hand yourself while you glance at the ‘chance to win%’ and pot odds.

Please send me feed back! Your opinion is much appreciated.



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