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Associate ID: worldwar07-20 Hello Associate,

We noticed that you were accepted to the Associate Program several weeks ago but have yet to refer a sale. Here are a few quick and easy steps to help you get started:

1. Build a variety of links with the click of a button:

2. Use our widgets to show rich interesting content on your site:

3. Build a specialized Amazon store for your site using aStore:

4. Visit our Best Practices pages to get tips and ideas to help you sell products and drive traffic to your Web site:

We hope this information was helpful, and thank you for your participation in our program.


The Associates Program Staff Associates Program

P.S. If you’ve simply forgotten your password, click below:

This e-mail was sent to, based on Associates ID worldwar07-20.

Please note that you must use this e-mail address to access your account in Associates Central or when contacting Associates Customer Service.

To manage your e-mail preferences, update your account settings.

Message Category: Program Update

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